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January 3 2019 - Longmont, Colorado

As a woman, I have had my concerns about being able to defend myself in sticky situations. Having expressed these concerns with a colleague, he thought I should find a local self-defense class and get some tips.

I began my search by looking in Longmont. In my mind, I thought I would find a one day class and learn some simple techniques from a guy in a full padded suit. My search yielded no such class in Longmont, however, there were several options in different martial arts studios. Only one place offered a class devoted to self-defense and that was Dark Horse Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so I chose this one.

I should note that none of the other options seemed like a bad choice. I was strictly choosing a class and place for the self-defense alone, not an in-depth look into martial arts as a whole. What I found at Dark Horse was a little bit of both...

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This article was published on the Longmont Observer.

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