Five Self Defence Concepts to Stop a Fight Before it Starts

Many people look to martial arts for self defense. Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai are two of the best martial arts for this. Let's face it, the world we live in is not perfect. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel safe whether you are a man or a woman, a child or an adult. At Dark Horse we recognize this and give you the tools to handle aggressive situations. The one tool/weapon you may count on in any situation is your body. We will teach you how to use your body to defend yourself.


What we Teach at Dark Horse Jiu Jitsu in Longmont, CO

  • Situational Assessment/Awareness

  • Distance Control

  • How to maintain your calm

  • Verbal de-escalation

  • Women’s Self Defense

  • Kids Bullying Program

  • Effective self defense in a physical confrontation


The Myth vs the Reality of Fighting

We live in a media aware culture and if you were to watch the news you may find fear creeping in. Hollywood shows amazing, embellished fantasies of self defense. Let's face it, we have a culture that loves the lone wolf who can dispatch multiple assailants with dynamic throws and deliver single killing punches and kicks that break bones and send the bad guys flying through the air. This could not be farther from reality.


The truth is that the simpler the technique, the easier it is for someone to learn and execute. We break Self defense into easy to execute simple and effective moves. We offer a great no nonsense self defense program within our fundamental curriculum at Dark Horse Brazilian Jiu JItsu in Longmont Colorado. You will learn these techniques in classes focused solely on self defense not vicariously learned through repetition of moves in a contrived or vicarious manner. Our self defense classes focus on the most effective and simple techniques from two of the most devastating martial arts in the world, BJJ and Muay Thai. We have a amazing coaches who will train you including coaches who come from professional bodyguard and personal security professional backgrounds.


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BJJ was designed to help the smaller person to protect and assert themselves against a larger opponent. Helio Gracie, considered by most as the most as the grandfather of modern jiu jitsu was 5’9” and a whopping 130 lbs. He was small. His size and physical ability is what drove him to learn, explore and develop BJJ. Muay Thai will teach devastating and effective strikes and kicks to keep the aggressor away and inflict significant damage using fist, elbow, knees, shins and feet. With BJJ and Muay Thai you will gain confidence, control, conditioning, endurance, as well as situational awareness to deal with many different real world scenarios.


In our self defense concepts we are only trying to achieve one and only one thing, creating the opportunity at which you can easily and safely escape, period. Our kids program and our anti-bully programs teach our number one message: “Avoid the fight at all cost”!


With this in mind our primary focus ‘get out of the situation’ period. Run! We may someday find ourselves in a position where we can not run immediately or there is someone else with you who cannot run or defend themselves. We will prepare you for this.


With all of this said, there are five concepts to self defense that will help stop a violent situation before it starts.


Five Self Defence Concepts to Stop a Fight Before it Starts


Situational Assessment/Awareness

The first and foremost understanding you will be taught is assessing the situation. Learn to observe and measure the threat potential. What is the demeanor of the person threatening you. How far is the person from you? Distance is always your friend. Where are your exits? Who is near you? Are there multiple assailants or just one? Can you run? Is there anything nearby that can be used as a weapon? Take a breath and breath. Controlling your instincts will help you assess more accurately and allow you to process and measure the threat.



Distance in any situation is your most power ally. When you find yourself in an aggressive situation where verbal or physical the distance between you and the aggressor is your most effective defense. How close does someone need to be to you in order to inflict physical harm? Controlling the distance and being aware of obstacles and exits will always aid you.


Maintain your Calm

If you become emotionally and mentally elevated, any aggressor is going to return in kind. Use conditioning to build your confidence and endurance so that your primal mind does not act rash. Push yourself to your limits and beyond during training. Even before a self defense situation begins, the adrenaline kick is extremely heightening. By training your body you can learn to control this response.


Verbal jiu jitsu

We can talk our way out of many instances. This is our secondary defense when we can not leave the situation. Redirect, distract and de-escalate verbally so that you have time to change the course of action.


Bully Prevention

Bully prevention is design to assist and teach children how to deal with Bullies. Giving children the confidence to stand up for themselves gives them control. Again, using verbal and non aggressive communication can keep the situation from starting, but only if you are well practiced.

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