World Champion Alexandre 'Xande' Ribeiro defeated World Champion and current Abu Dhabi open weigh champion Braulio Estima last Sunday in an exciting match. In a great display off balance and patience, Xande thwarted the difficult guard sweeps of Braulio Estima then slowly cranked up the pressure. Xande's pressure passing is his trademark and something that we emulate at Dark Horse Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Xande ended up winning the match 5-2 and finished the match almost passing to mount. Professor Jubera is one of Xande's first students and models his game heavily after Xande's game. Check out the match on youtube here:

Always the humble martial artist, Xande displayed great sportsmanship after the match. Professor Jubera will compete alongside Xande in the IBJJF World Championships next month. Braulio will compete against Rodolfo Viera in the Metamoris the weekend after with fan favorite Rafael Lovato Jr.

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